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Jun 13, 2012
Loving the smilies on the forum.

Hi all! I have had fish tanks since I was a young adult. My first aquarium was a 35 gallon freshwater with, yep wait for it, GOLDFISH.. hehe.. of course. I had four gold fantails for years. They got huge and they were messy. I spent alot of time cleaning that tank and pretty much got a lot less time out of enjoying them than if I would have gone with tropical fish of a different kind :ermm:.
Spent about 10 years abroad and returned to the states and started up the 35 gallon again. Had goldfish again. That lasted about two years before I upgraded my tank to a 75 gallon with a canister filter (fluval 403) and better lighting. I only had three fish in the tank for a couple of years. One tiger oscar, one albino oscar, and one poor sucker fish that got HUGE before the other two cannibals beat it to death. The two oscars are something I will never do again. They both were extremly large and aggresive. The acutally broke the heater in the tank one night while they were fighting. Their fights were so bad it woke my family up in the middle of the night. They banged into the top knocking the filter out-take hose off and almost flooding my home. We moved and put the tank into storage for almost 4 years. I now have it set up again with partially planted bottom that I plan on expanding. Currently 2/3rds of the tank is planted. The tank was not setup to be planted. That thought came later when a guy at the fish store showed me several photos of planted freshwater tanks. I did not know you could do that. I am very happy about it as it opened a large door into the kinds of fish I could have in my tank. It was alot more work to do the plants after the fact but it seems to be working out. I do a ton of work to my tank daily. It's still new and it still is not completely finished.

I have several fish.
2- opaline gourami
2-3 spot gourami
4-short fin angels
7-tiger barb
1-african tree leaf fish
4-bleeding heart tetras
4-cherry barbs
1-sucker fish I can't spell.. lol... plec something or another... :blink:

Looking at getting more fish or the smaller kind. Maybe some more cherry barbs. They seem to do well in the tank and I love to watch the males have their dances with the females. I am currently missing about 5 barbs that were killed by my black knife that now lives in a 120 gallon tank with large bala shark at my buddies home. I figured out he was the killer when I put two and two together. 1 to 2 fish were dying every night. I could not figure it out. They looked like they had been chewed on. Called a petstore and asked them about it. Didn't know if I had some sort of diease in the tank and actually treated it for ich. They asked me what kinds of fish I had and when I said the knife they said GUILTY. Thinking back to on it after the fact I should have known that. All the bodies were found at the entrance to the knifes cave. But he was so small he couldn't eat them whole and only chewed them to death. So he's gone and will be replacing the others soon.

Look forward to all the information I can get to make my tank better and brighter....

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