Hippo Tang not eating?

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Dec 9, 2005
York PA
My hippo tang doesnt seem to approach her food, i've tried seaweed salad. Any suggestions on what she may take? tia
Is she new to your tank? Have you seen her eat at all?

I never had an issue with my hippo not eating, but I did with a kole tang. Turned out it just didn't like my variety of foods I offered. LOL

If I were you and she is a new addition to your tank I would suggest calling and trying whatever they were feeding her where you purchased her. I had a kole tang that would only eat these cruddy pellets the LFS used, which I did not use, after offering her the pellets she ate readily and eventually tried other foods, once accepting them and I did away with the pellets altogether.

Is she being bullied away from the food by the clowns?

Also, perhaps if she is new she needs adjusting time as well.
Good advice from Florida....

I would just add that you may try adding some garlic (I use garlic extreme by Kent) and soak the food in it.....sometimes it ilicits a feeding response in picky eaters. Although, if she's a new addition, it may just take a couple days for her before she'll eat.
I would also recommend using the Kent Marine Garlic Xtreme. It is an all natural food additive for fish. It is a natural attractant to fish and will help cause finicky eaters to take food. We had a Dog Faced Puffer at work that wouldnt eat for like a week or two after being put into our system. We just added a couple of drops to some krill and he was munching. Good luck. Try feeding some mysis or flake. I have a Hippo and she wouldnt touch nori for like a year. She started eating it once I added a Yellow Tang. I guess the other Tang sparked an interest for nori in the Hippos mind. Good Luck HTH
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