I need a cheap light for a 10g FW tank, or place to buy one

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Jun 30, 2005
Louisville, KY
OK I know this is kind of out of place but I figure more people will see it here and I need to get this soon. I told my gf I would set up a small 10gallon FW tank for her. Anyone have a somwhat nice light (better than the florescent light most tanks come with) for a good price? Or know where I can get one at? I was thinking like a single bulb coralife light maybe. I can spend alot right now b/c I just put money into an IRA and have to pay for school in may so Im cutting it all tight.

Thanks in advance guys and girls!
Yeah im looking for brands that would be good. I guess just a coralife or satellite? Or is there something else? Sorry for the random questions. I would look more myself but I have been SUPER SUPER times 223920329 busy lately with school.
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