I Saved A Pretty Lady

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She is gorgeous, and one lucky lady that you came in when you did.
You did a good thing.
I have a wonderful fish shop north of me in Fayetteville, 60 miles away. They are a fish only shop with FW and SW. Their stock is awesome and their tanks are kept immaculate. They know their stuff and keep fish properly matched. This is where I go when I need serious stuff. Their prices are a little higher but their quality makes it worth it. So to give them a shout out, their place is named Worlds Under Water. I just wish they were closer.
I've seen that place when I look up fish stores around me, I live an hour away from there. I'll have to check it out! & kudos to you for what you did!
Hi, OS. Fellow tender heart here, love what you did for the gourami :) I brought home two ailing abino cories that were being picked on by serpae tetra so they could hopefully recover, or at least, pass in peace. Sadly, when I got home, my other cories were not doing well, so may have all been for naught... I'm something of a newbie trying to get past the learning curve.
Thanks for sharing your story.
Ya Ozarks my hometown but I go to fort smith at least once a week. That's the closest place to shop. Lol
This last Monday I went to our three pet stores to look for some more Rummy Nose Tetras. We have a Petco, Petsmart & a private owned pet shop here in our town. After checking out the two chain stores,(no rummys) I went to the private store. I had not been in there in a long time and I was shocked. They used to be THE place to go for quality stuff & fish. Since the big box stores moved in they must be really struggling to make it. Hardly any stock and their tanks looked terrible.
As I was browsing their tanks, I noticed one terribly kept tank with one female Pearl Gourami and two Blue Gouramis. The poor Pearl was cowering up in the darkest corner as the two Blues kept nipping her fins and biting her side. She was also so thin as I'm sure she wasn't eating being terrorized as she was. She was miserably trying to dissappear into the dark corner hardly moving. I moved on looking at the other tanks. After about 15 min. I came back to her tank and she was still being brutalized. I couldn't stand it!
I called in the lady attendent and told her I wanted that Pearl. Just her. I now have her in my heavily planted, lightly stocked 16g where she can recover in peace and quiet. She had two bite wounds in her side and nip wounds on her tail fin. I put some pima & mela fix in and am feeding her frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp. As of today, Friday, she is much more energetic and her color and fins are already healing. Her color is back to normal and she is already filling out. This morning when I brought her the brine shrimp, she came to the front of the tank wagging her head back & forth like fish do when they are begging. That's when she REALLY stole my heart. I hope for a long friendship with my new graceful lady. I will move her to my 30g small tetra tank when she's recovered. LOL My "Amazonian" is going to have one exception.
I named her Claire. No particular reason. It just seemed like a good name for a classy, lovely lady. Such is the musing of an old man who loves animals.
Take care & God Bless. OS.

I am glad you bought her, I would have done the exact same myself. I would like to warn you though, Melafix has been linked to deaths in labyrinth fish, I would stop using it with her asap

No... All you have done is proven that even though fish are kept in horrible circumstances, the public will still buy them.

So now they will continue to think that the way they house them is acceptable.

Nothing noble about its really. Just creating a hole for another fish to fill.

With the sounds of it, that pet store is on it's last leg (thankfully) and a single fish purchase of a low cost fish isn't going to pull it out of the deep end.
I'm using the app on my phone so idk how that works if I have to friend back or anything lol
OMG Mebbid. Thanks for the warning. I'll keep a close eye on her and probably go ahead and move her to the 30g in the morning. Thank You, OS.
She is a beautiful pearl gourami. You did a great thing. For those who say the store will only fill that tank with other poorly treated fish, yes, this is true, but the fate of this one fish is now forever changed for the better, and THAT is an amazing thing.

I had a similar story last winter. There was a tank of angels at the fish store, and one of the littlest ones was being severely picked on by the bigger ones, fins all tattered and nipped, one of the fins by her gills nearly torn off. They had her cowering in the corner as well. When I told the kid I wanted to buy her, he gave me a funny look and tried to convince me to buy another one, because this one was only going to die. I told him that was the one I wanted, and he said I could have her, for free, because she probably wouldnt make it through the night. Fast forward to 7 months later. Nemo is fully recovered, with the exception of that gill fin, which only partially works (she can wiggle it, but she cant lift it, so it stays down by her side). She is getting huge, and her coloring is gorgeous. She is super special to me.........just as your new friend will be to you. Kudos!!!
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