I Saved A Pretty Lady

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these heart warming stories are just wonderful! they are so many people out there that are kind and caring.

healing thoughts to your beautiful fish. i'm so glad she has a wonderful new home.
Claire is all over the tank today. So energetic(for a Gourami) and nibbling on the Cabomba and checking every nook. Her colors are full and georgeous and her stomach is filling out and fins are really healing fast. I think she is out of danger. She really loves her brine shrimp. The cool thing is her feeler fins(ventral fins) are as long as her whole body. Her robin breast color has fully returned. OS.
OS, I'm happy to report today that my "rescue" albino cories are doing quite well today! They're swimming all over the tank, and hanging out with my other three cories, having a good time doing what cories do :D
I'm SO glad I brought them home, and I so enjoyed reading Claire's story :eek:)

Thanks again for sharing. It's been really encouraging to read the messages from you and all the others who have such a kind heart for the little finned ones ;o)
My beloved grandpa had a saying long ago that always stuck with me. "Respect all creatures great and small because God doesn't make any junk."
So glad for your rescue also. OS.
You really made my day. Thank you for having compassion for all living things. It has been instilled in me since day one and I find it to be highly respectable.
please share updated photos of Claire. I would love to see her in her full color. thanks again OS for saving her.
I you wanted the rummy nose but were denied them by some form of luck or fortune, and then you found her and saved her when she needed you. It's definitely a sign that she was meant to be your fish.
Update on Claire

Here is a picture of Claire now fully recovered and healthy as can be. She is now in my 29g and she is "Queen of the Tank". As you can see her colors are back, fins and wounds all healed. She will be my centerpiece fish for this tank even though she's not from the Amazon. I might get her a boyfriend eventually, but why complicate her life with a man right now? Right girls? LOL Thanks all for your gracious responses in this thread. Take care & God Bless. OS.


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While I agree with the other poster about not supporting bad fish keeping practices, I say, buy the fish, but kindly suggest they should clean their tanks a little better or try and stock fish together in a better way.
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