I Saw My Otocinclus Catfish Lay Eggs!

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May 22, 2006
Lexington Park, MD
I was watching the fish in my 38-gallon aquarium a short while ago, and I saw my Otocinclus catfish laying eggs! It was amazing to see it actually happen!

The female was vigorously cleaning an Aponogeton leaf, then sat on it. the male came up and sort of wrapped around her head so that he was perpendicular to her, and they were both sort of shaking/shimmying. They swam off and there were 3 new eggs there!

Pics (eggs are about 1mm in diameter):
Only three eggs at that location. They're swimming around rather frantically, so I'm assuming there are other eggs in other locations. I doubt any will make it; my loaches LOVE eggs... Plus, I have plenty of Otos.

I had though a couple had died a couple of months ago and so replaced them. When I did my recent tank overhaul, I counted them as I caught them, and ALL were present. None have died at all! I have 8 Otos in the 38-gallon tank, not 5 as I had thought! They must love it in there. I also have 3 Otos in my 6-gallon Eclipse tank and 3 in my 20L.

I *love* Otos; they are one of my favorite fish species (along with Salwnsis/Kubotai Loaches, Corydoras, and Cherry Barbs).
That is way cool ! I liked the visual description - it really gave me a sense of what happens during spawning
Very Awesome that you got to see that happen.

I doubt any will make it; my loaches LOVE eggs... Plus, I have plenty of Otos.

Dont you want to see what happens. Move them??
I *did*, but was too late. A few minutes after posting that I decided to remove the Apon leaf, but it was empty... The loaches are fast!
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