is there a way to get an anemone to move?

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Nov 6, 2003
rutherford nj
i just got a rose tip anemone form a friend and it made is home on one of his rocks so he gave me the rock with it i dont want to keep the rock so i need to get him off i cant get to him to pry him off and i dont want to hurt him is there any way i can do this right now i have a flat piece of rock placed on top of the rock hes on completely shading him im hoping hell move to find some light is there n e thing else i should try
that's an awful run-on sentence.

some anemones tend to shy away from light when it goes to a new tank. what you are doing now might have the opposite effect.
Do not attempt to move it! you could damage it's foot and then it will die. Is there a reason you do not whant the rock it came on? As Seaham noted, try putting it in a area of high flow and it may move on its own. What type of lighting do you have? BTA do not prefer very intense lighting, as most anenomes do. This may also be an issue. Most anenomes are pretty good at finding a spotin the tank with the right amount of light and water flow. Just give it time...Lando
i have used directing power heads at them with some success read some where that if you put an ice cube near their foot they will release i plan on trying that when it is time to send my clone off to its new owner
thanx guys i think i might try placing him in a strong flow the reason i need to get the him off the rock is because i need to give the rock back to a friend. i have 5 watts per gallon of power compact so hes probly going to shy away form the light for a while. i guess ill just take off the piece shading him now and either wait for him to move or put a strong current on him thanx for the advice
you can also try rubbing his foot untill he gives up. i ahve had to do this at work many time before to get them off a rock. it take a long time (one took over 45 min to let go). i also did it to mine becasue he had put him self in a cave and never came out. and was going to die becasue he was getting 0 light in there. that trick works very well. just take your time when doing it. slowler the better.
really if i just keep rubbing him hell let go i dont wanna hurt him by doing it too hard so i just tried rubbing him for like a minute then gave up but u think if i do it softly for a while hell just let go?
If the anemone is happy on the rock then you really should let it stay there.. give your friend a different rock or just pay him for it. These are very sensitive creatures and even something as seemingly harmless as rubbing the foot can cause them a lot of stress.
yea the thing is its in my 16 gallon tank and i really dont have room for this rock im not gunna try to rub him off i guess i might try increasing the waterflow and see how that works
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