It had babies! uh oh now what?

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Jan 19, 2006
Well we went to the LFS and I was going to get a couple guppys for my puffer as a treat but they were to small and so the guy just gave me a fish I dont really know what it is I think they are called platty's or it might be a molly i dont really know didnt look on the sign and this is new to me but anyway it was to big for him so we were just going to put her in my daughters tank..... ya it was planned that way. When my fiance pulled her out of the paper sack she goes "oh my god" I said what? She said "it had babies!" I was like no way... So it had babies in the plastic bag on the way home. I talked to a friend who is also a member on here and he told me to put them into my extra 10 gallon with a heater and filter by themselves wich I did but now I have the problem of what do I feed them and how? I have been crushing up tropical flakes but I am not sure if they eat them or not. Also what is a good temp for these little babies? Here is a pic of it below could someone ID it for me I know they arent clear pics but it moves alot haha. Thanks in advance.


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Freshly hatched brine shrimp would be the #1 meal for fry. After that, a fry food from your LFS or regular flake food ground up into a powder works too.

It's not hard to hatch the brine shrimp. I am doing it for the first time with my Convict cichlid fry
the babies should be able to eat the flakes since their livebearers. (your fish is a platy)
So what I am doing is good. Ok thanks a lot guys oh and thanks for the id! I thought thats what it was but wasnt sure.
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