Leopard Guppy?

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Sep 7, 2011
North Las Vegas, NV
Got this leopard guppy and wanted to know how long you guys think it will be before she gives birth... She's quite black inside.
Also... Is her type called a Leopard Guppy? Or what is it called?
Thank you....

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I'd say within the week but I can't fully tell how squared she is, but she does seem really gravid.
She does look like a leopard tail gup, I have a few of them with similar markings.
Guppy fry are born a bit larger than Molly fry, aren't they? I thought I heard that somewhere... Or maybe it was that guppy fry grow faster??
My guppy fry have always been larger than my molly fry, and my guppies have always grown faster.
I have both guppy and balloon molly fry that were both born around the same time and the gups have already started showing colors, my mollies are still a bit small.
I think that is a yellow dragon guppy. Try google that name and see if that matches.
butterfly_koi said:
Lol I knew it would be soon but didn't think it would be that soon! Lol congrats on your fry!

Unfortunately I came back and she's half skinny... I found 2 fry... She's still birthing but she's got a bunch of mouths in the tank...
They're Teeeeeny babies!

Edit: 3
She apparently got into a tiff with someone and had some body damage above her left fin... Scales were torn off and area was red...
Returning tomorrow to Petsmart for exchange :-( I have her 2 babies I was able to save.
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