Lighting for Corals

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Apr 5, 2004
New York
What is the required lighting ratio of wattage-to-gallons for (1) mushrooms, (2) polyps and (3) bubble corals?

Also, would regular halogen lights be sufficient, or do these corals require the metal halide (or other) lighting? Do the bulbs matter as well? (i.e., can you use a 50/50 bulb?)

Thanks in advance!
Salty , I have all of those and I have 3 watts per gallon which is a low- moderate lighting in my tank. I have VHO lighting and use super actinic and 50/50 bulbs. I`m just showing my tank so you can see what type coral you could have at 3 watts per gallon.


It is basically a Mushroom/soft coral/LPS tank.
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