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No small fish equal dinner. Learned that. My fuzzy dwarf ate a six line 2 fire fish and a green chromis
"Peaceful (so long as its tank mates are larger than its mouth) and somewhat shy depending on the fish" -- peaceful, yes very, tank mates need to be larger than its mouth? Umm, you'd best come have a talk with my adult Lion then because him and his Tomato Clown tankmate are having a forbidden relationship!

"Goldfish are not a good steady diet for lionfish for several reasons. They're nutritionally deficient, inconvenient, expensive, and may make your lion aggressive." -- in one sense you are right, they are nutritionally deficient, if fed as a sole diet, however, they are not inconvenient, expensive (don't know where you got that one from, I buy 7 fish for $1....), may make my lion aggressive???? Wait, what???? Where did you get this info from???

Ok, so obviously, you do not own a Lionfish, you just posted something here that you found off the internet...

Honestly, do FULL research and have a little bit of experience behind you, BEFORE you go posting stuff you don't know about.

videos of my lion
I just got a 8" lion and I havnt been able to get it to eat yet it's been a week should I be concerned and it was eating frozen silversides what should I do to get it to eat beutiful fish and mine is really shy it spikes up everytime you get close to the tank but I'm sure he'll calm down

they like ghost shrimp and if a lionfish is introduced after others it usually leaves them alone.
Please only profile info on the lionfish in this thread.

I just bought a lionfish about a week ago and I absolutely love him he's amazing and his colors are beautiful I love how he sits there and stocks my little hermit crabs my Keith and they're going to attack him but he never does it's really cute I have a dwarf lionfish and remind her standing they shed and are not really prone to disease so no it's a really amazing fish and I love them I call them tiger
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