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Feb 26, 2008
I was Just wondering how to really tell if live rock is live? I talked to this guy and he said he has 70 pounds of live rock at his house and he would sell it to me for $2 a pound. I just don't want to get ripped off. Thanks
If it has been in an established tank than the bacteria living on the rock is established. $2 a pound would be a good deal for that beneficial bacteria especially is it looks really cool any coraline would be a plus
That's an awesome deal! Make sure he hasn't used copper in the tank, and check on other meds he has used. Does he still have fish in that tank?
I agree $2/lb is a great price for live rock. $2lb for base rock would even be a good price. Like Roka said ask him about any meds he used in the tank especially copper.
It sounds like he has 'formally' LR meaning that is no longer sitting in a functioning aquarium. As long as no copper or other meds were used when it was LR you should be fine. That's a fair price for base rock. It will become LR again during the cycle.
First things first...look at the rock. Look for good coraline growth and other signs of cured LR such tube worms, smal corals, etc. Also, smell the tank water. If it smells like sea water with no foul odor it is most likely cured LR. As mentioned, get a detailed Hx of the tank and LR. Ask how old it is, how long the rock has been in the tank and if meds ever used in the tank. If all checks out $2/lb is a screaming good deal.
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