Long tenical anemone

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So here is what I was thinking what do think about me keeping my currant lighting and adding three MH pendants?
i would go 3 x 250 watt halides and skip the current lighting all together. sell it to someone who wants a softy tank or a FOWLR.
then you could keep whatever you want.
that said, i don't think the anemone's gaping mouth issue is from lack of light. how long did you say you've had the anemone?
Today would be day five gonna take him back and wait awhile before I add any nems atleast six months?
i would say that's a good idea. it's not the light that it doesn't like BTW. not that soon. if anything it would just be spread out as much as possible, trying to get what light it could.
So this is I've found to be the best deal includes 3 / 250w 10000k MH and 2 96w true atinic flouresent bulbs for 799.00 ?


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Yeah i would say that's definitely sufficient for anything you would want to keep.
Awesome Z I appreciate all your advise went ahead and ordered it be here 3 to 5 days thanks again
#1 STOP FEEDING the anemone. It needs light and should get whatever else it needs from the normal tank feedings. LTAs expend a lot of energy to digest large meals like silversides. Overfeeding them can lead to the problems you are seeing as well as the complete lack of lighting.

LTA's get BIG. Mine took up an entire corner of my tank and was about growing out of the tank before it perished.

As for test kits, don't bother with any test strips. They may be fine for a swimming pool, but not for a tank. Get good quality liquid test kits and a dosing syringe from the drugstore to measure the water sample to be tested.

Personally I like Salifert test kits for the sharp color change to give me a reading.
Zer0 said:
No problem. Definitely keep us informed on what you want to do. We are always here to help. :)

Hey Z I got my new lighting fixture and wow what difference now starting to get coraline the corals that I have are now thriving thanks again buddy!
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