Losing fish left and right

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Also, while you're picking out your fish, don't be afraid to tell the person at the lfs that you want or don't want a particular fish

Yeah, I was ready to do that with a couple of the rummynoses at the fish store. I said something but the guy doesn't really speak english so I don't think he understood me. But he sure understood me when I asked about getting a job there. He said he doesn't hire girls because girls think putting there hands in tanks is gross.

I was stunned. So as much as I like it there, I don't think I'll be going back. Sexual discrimination is not cool, neither are selling sick fish!
Find a better lfs for shopping and job hunting.

And keep up with the weekly PWC and you and your fish will do a lot better. :)
Just found yesterday that one of my pandas is looking really bent out of shape. Almost the entire back fin is gone. So I'm starting the medication dosing again, and hopefully that will help boost regrowth and get rid of it for good. If it were any other of the fish, I would just wait it out but I don't want him to die.

Also, when is it a good time to get more fish? Should I wait until the entire fin rot has cleared up completely or...?
You also might want to look into getting a QT tank before buying more fish or adding more to what you have. They are well worth the investment. For small setups, a cheap 10 gallon will work just fine, and you don't always have to have it up and running. You can keep extra filter medium in your current tank, then move it to the qt tank filter when you get new fish for instant cycling and a much happier main tank when sick fish are no longer coming and going out of it.
I have a 10 gallon I could use for a QT tank for sure, using the old filter media is a great idea too. I have some old gravel in there from past use, should I keep that or no?
Great news that your nitrates are down, I'm sure your little fish are MUCH happier!

Just a side note, if you do discover that you indeed have fin rot issues, make sure (if you have other species in the tank) to either quarantine the fish in a separate tank to treat them or vice versa. Certain meds can kill certain species - certainly better to be safe than sorry!
It is best to not have substrate in hospital/QT tanks. Less places for parasites to hide, easier and faster to set up quickly and take down too.

However, its probably not going to hurt anything if you leave it in.

So, its up to you.
Hm. So when do I know my tank is healthy? Is it going to be after the little guy regrows his fin, or if the water parameters are good? (There's a super cute angelfish at petco right now....lol)
Well, the little panda succumbed to his disease today. I really thought he would make it. I even named him Lucky. I'm so bummed. Its disheartening too to know that I'm not out of the dark on this one yet.
Be cautious of purchasing fish from large fish chains. I don't have a petco in Canada but we do have petsmart. They don't quarantine their fish and will sell you fish immediately after their shipment came through. You can ask when they last received their shipment just to be safe.

Just some questions to figure out why your nitrates spiked. Were you dosing a certain fertilizer into your tank for your plants? If so, what was it and how often were you dosing? Also, we need to know what lights you have on your tank, how long the photoperiod is for and whether you are injecting co2.
I wasn't dosing fertilizer, I also don't use lighting other than my natural daytime light. I'm also not injecting CO2. I think the nitrate spike was because of overfeeding (and the fact that the fishies were new and didn't eat it) and because of some dying/dead plant matter that has since been taken out.

There are plenty of fish left (7 rummy nose, 3 sterbia corys, 2 pandas- one seems a little sick- and the 1 little bristlenose that has a little fin lightening and tattered back fin). None of them look sick enough to keel over tomorrow but you never know I guess. I don't think the nitrates are down to 0 yet, but should I start a week long melafix treatment to bust out that fin rot? Gah I just want it to be gone and not worry any more!
I think what I am going to do is set up that 10 gal for that angel fish and maybe another angelfish, I'm not sure how to go about picking what ones go together but I'll post another thread about that. They're def on the baby side so hopefully two will be ok in the 10 gal.
By not waiting until all problems are clear and the tank is in good health, I fear that you will perpetuate your issues. Good luck with the new additions.
I would like to keep the angel fish in the 10 gal until my 55 gal is completely healthy. I just don't want to lost the opportunity to get them, as my petco never has angelfish.

I also never really got an answer as to when or how I would know if my tank is healthy.
Water testing and time.

What's your plan for getting the QT tank cycled? I understand the desire to not miss out on a fish (believe me!), but angels are not rare or hard to find at all so to rush things just seems a bit impetuous to me and likely to cause you more stress.
I think you should take any activated carbon out of your filter and then start treating with melafix if you already own it, at only half the dosages as recommended by the manufacture. At this point it is only fin rot and not open sores, but with any medication, start slowly and see what effects are.

If you don't have melafix, adding aquarium salt (not table salt) in small dosages will also work. Raise the temperature up slightly. Just remember to follow the manufactures directions for proper dosage. Your corys will be okay with the salt dosage.

I would also recommend that you be patient and wait for everything to be healthy before you add anymore fish or move onto the ten gallon. Take this time to learn how water parameters work and you will have a better understanding of the chemistry of your tank and how your husbandry should be approached. It is all about understanding the water chemistry that will make successful in the long run.

Hey it's a borg. never saw that smile before -->:robot:
Thanks for your advice. I've been dosing kind of willy-nilly, which probably isn't good for them but I find the fish act really different during dosing. I'm just going to try and get my water parameters into the best shape and then wait it out. I don't have any fish that are near death.

Ok, I wont get the angel fish. He was so cute though :( But it isn't the greatest idea right now.
Also, is it alright if I add plants right now? Not a whole bunch, like 2 or 3
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