Mean Clownfish

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Jan 13, 2011
Enid, OK
I don't know what to do. I bought two clownfish (Ocellaris) a few months ago, and for some reason one of them died. Never figured out what happened to him. I had a thread here all about it.

A few weeks later I bought another, but the first clownfish began acting very agressive to him/her and the other tankmates (2 pj cardinals). I took both out, rearranged the rocks and then waited a few days before putting both back in.

She went right back to her evil ways. So I took her out alone.

Now what do I do? I definitely want more than one clown, but am hesitant about trading the mean one in. I figure my options are:

1. Buy a third clownfish and see if the dynamic changes.
2. Trade in/give away the mean one and bring a small guy into the dt.
3. Buy two small new ones so I have a total of three.

Any of these options feasible? Am I missing something? :(
I owuld return the mean clown and get a nice mated pair of new ones. having more than 2 isn't a great idea to begin with, you'll just see more aggression as time goes on.
Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. I did a lot more reading online after posted this here.

So I have meanie in her own tank, waiting for a home and the other one is in the dt finally looking happy and playing nicely with his/her/its tankmates.

Thanks for the confirmation.
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