My marbel angle fish laid eggs! Neat.

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Very cool! Thanks for sharing!!! Do you still have the babies? (er, they're probably not babies anymore though lol)

Thanks, unfortunately no babies lived past their release from the breeder box. I had a tank divider in there to keep all the other fish out because once they were in the box, the other angels would hover at the bottom and suck them through the mesh. Well I couldn't see well enough to tell that there wasn't a good seal between the divider and the glass so when I let them go and they began to explore, they immediately found that tiny space, shot through and became lunch. I was horrified and crushed, they were just big enough to identify as fish, I think the set up zparticle has made with a seperate tank is the way to go.
Here are some stills, it's hard to get clear pics of something that small when shooting through water.

Angel Fry 001.jpgAngel Fry 003.jpgAngel Fry 004.jpg

I'm kind of ticked off. I was at the LFS (Fish Den) and this woman and her kid were starting up an aquarium. The guy behind the counter is saying "get the tank setup and put 6-8 fish in there to cycle the tank".

Now I'm not necessarily against a fish-in cycle but he wasn't even trying to explain to them other options and what they were going to have to do if they kept fish in there. I turned around and said "hey you could just go to Ace Hardware, get some ammonia and avoid killing your fish" the guy at the counter was like, "No, that's old school, don't do that". I gave him a dirty look and winked at the lady.

Anyway, bugged me that the options weren't presented to her and the kid.
I think they good nd yea i know nd its not old school i did that nd will do that. They always say that at my lfs (fish unlimited) never sugget a cycle with fish... I know the owner and he gives me deals once and a while!
Looks like the parents got tired of trying to keep the babies on that steep standing leaf. They have moved them again this time to another leaf that is mostly laying down.
It is hard to tell but I think I counted most of them, see the pic below each dot is a wriggler. At least 200 wrigglers. I know there were many more eggs than that. It will be interesting to see how many make it. The LFS guys said he will maybe buy them once they are at least the size of a nickle. So that will be at least a few months.

I've been feeding the parents a lot. They are spending tons of energy keeping track of the little buggers. So I've been giving them blood worms, brine shrimp and flakes.

Angel Fry 001-the count.jpg
Wow! Nd yea good luck im gonna say there gonna be bout 50+ once they free swimming!
I think my guys are at it again. Saw them cleaning a spot again. This is egg bunch number four. If it doesn't happen this time I might swap my male for another. Are angels monogamous?
I think my guys are at it again. Saw them cleaning a spot again. This is egg bunch number four. If it doesn't happen this time I might swap my male for another. Are angels monogamous?

Apparently only while they are raising a brood. They will change partners if others are available.
Well not much new to report. They are getting bigger, close to being free swimming I think. I came home and thought the parents had eaten half of them, because a bunch were missing, but I found them on yet another leaf.

My brine shrimp haven't hatched yet, I think that batch isn't going to. So I started another batch in a different container, I'll leave the first batch alone and see if they ever do hatch.

I've also got some lettuce in a bit of water because the guy said it would get little bugs on it that I could feed the fish, can't see any bugs yet.

Getting antsy to have these guys swimming around in the tank.
The tank is getting awfully dirty, I think I'm going to attempt to vacuum the substrate. Hope this isn't a huge mistake. :eek:

Oh and I can now see the little eyes on the babies and their insides. :)
Tank is cleaned up, for the most part. The parents were NOT happy with me having that siphon in there with the babies. I don't think I sucked up any of the babies, changed about 50% of the water.
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