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Apr 8, 2008
Saint Louis, MO
Ok, here is my 2.5g FW tank that sits atop my cube at work. It has 4 Fancy Male Guppies in it. No heater, just a Duetto 50 Filter that also aerates the water with a little snorkel on it. I never asked the boss to see if it was ok to set it up, but so far, the only thing anyone has said was that it was a great idea! I actually started with a discarded old glass punch bowl. That broke when I was cleaning it one day, so I went a bought this little rectangle one. I am right next to the copier, so people stop to look at the fish all the time. It has become quite a popular item.

I used flattened glass marbles as the substrate, but I am finding that uneaten food and poop ends up collecting down in the cracks. I am wondering if I should swap that out for some of the extra gravel I put in my new planted tank at home. I have been able to use a turkey baster to "pump" water through the marbles to get the junk floating and let the filter pick it up, but does anyone have an opinion on this, other than how it looks?


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I have the same flattened marbles in my poor goldfish's bowl, and I run into the same issue.

That's pretty cool, though! I'd get another plastic plant or two - or anything else, really, to provide just a bit more cover for the fish.
Those flattenened marbles do become a hassle, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to swap them out. When I bought them for my goldfish's bowl I was just thinking they would look nicer than the multi-colored gravel, I wasn't really thinking about food getting stuck in the cracks.

So, it might just be easier for you to swap it! Looks good though, post pics if/when you decide to change it. : )
Thanks! I think I'm going to do the gravel swap this next week, if I can find the time. I also plan to create a black background by cutting out a piece of Lawn & Leaf bag and sticking it to the back of the tank with static cling. It worked with my big tank at home, so I'm hoping it will work with this one too. I think I'm gonna get some small real plants and replace the little suction-cupped one that's in there now.
I just changed the substrate and got rid of the flattened glass marbles. I also added some real plants and a black background. What do you think??


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Looks good, maybe just a few more real plants, but I like it! And at least now you don't have to mess with those marbles, I'll be changing mine soon too. : )
There actually are 2 Java ferns on either side that you can't really see in the picture. Their darker, almost reddish color really adds to the color of the tank. The bright stuff in the middle is Amazon Sword. Hopefully they will all grow and I can use them to plant in other tanks as MTS sets in :)
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Awesome! Like I said it looks good, can't wait to see more pics! : )
Beautiful - I really wish I could keep a tank at work - but with the Neanderthals I work with I know something bad will happen to it :scrambleup:
My own office here looks kinda ordinary with no pictures or anything. Just my desk and a small credenza WHICH WOULD LOOK AWESOME WITH A LARGE BETTA BOWL!

What were you saying about MTS? ;)
It's looking real nice, Catatonic. I like the contrast with the substrate and the background. Excellent that you have live plants. Would love to see some close up pics!
Hood for my 2.5g tank

I just completed a project this week. Since I put plants in my 2.5g tank, I wanted to be sure that they had enouh light. I just made a hood for my tank. It's designed to wrap around a cover the top trim of the tank. The top opens up to allow access to the bulb and the water. The outside is finished with glossy black paint and the inside is gloss white for reflective purpose. This is the third lighting fixture I've made, to allow me to use the standard socket, CFL bulbs. The other two are lined with aluminum foil, but are just fixtures that sit on top of the glass. This one is the first time I have made a complete hood. I know it's tiny, but it was kinda fun!


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I like your light fixture I wish I knew how to do stuff like that, I have a 5 gallon that I need one for. Your tank looks good.
I like your light fixture I wish I knew how to do stuff like that, I have a 5 gallon that I need one for. Your tank looks good.
Thanks! It was really easy. I like woodworking, and I have some cheap tools. I used an old table saw with a regular blade and a dado blade, a sliding mitre saw, and a random orbital palm sander. That along with my power drill/driver and an exacto-kit was about all I used. I used scrap birch plywood left over from a bookcase I built for my wife's classroom.
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