Need help with Hang on filter

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Jul 16, 2008
HI guys im new here. Im a bit confused about my filter ->> AQUA ONE - H200 HANG-ON FILTER 200L/HR


Im not sure witch way to insert the filter pack. Its a bit hard to explain so if anyone has one of these can you please tell me does the cotton part go towards the tank?

In the picture i can see the cotton part and it IS facing towards the outlet (fish tank side) but i have seen another pic with the biological filter part on this side. also when it arrived in the package the bio part was onthe tank side. The instructions dont actually show.


Heres my diagram of whats going on, the black arrows show the flow of water. you can see that thers a gap at the bottom that the water can flow around the filter.
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Another thing im thinking is maby i have the bio side facing the tank to set it up and once the bio media has taken hold maby i swap it around??
the biofilter toward the tank. The theory being that the 'cotton' part (bag) will trap any floaters, the cleaner water flows through to the biological mesh where the bacteria will live. In fact, the bacteria will be on the 'cotton' part, the media in the bag, the filter housing, the biological mesh, your aquarium walls, gravel, decorations, everywhere.

In the end, it really doesn't matter but I'm sure the manual says to use that order
From what I have seen, there tends to be the "cotton" part and the back side is plastic with holes in it, the holes typically to toward the tank. You want the cotton to catch the particles. I don't have that brand, so I could be wrong.
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