Nerite snail eggs?

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Jul 4, 2021
From what I can find it seems like these are nerite eggs?

I do have nerites in the tank, actually have had them for a couple years now as well as in other tanks and haven’t seen these up until now.


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They do look like nerite snail eggs, although ive never seen my nerites lay so many eggs in one go. Mine tend to lay a dozen or so eggs at a time.

I wonder what triggered such a large egg laying episode when they have never laid before?
That’s what I’ve found odd lol

About a month ago there was a few specs on the back glass that I didn’t really even look at, just assumed it was the cory’s laying eggs again. Then yesterday I noticed all these appeared on the substrate

Nothing has changed in the tank for 6+ months so I’m not sure what has triggered this. Thats why I’ve got something in the back of my mind saying maybe it’s not nerite eggs? They definitely are just stuck there like an egg though!
Are they hard like a piece of stone? And stuck on really firmly? I resort to dental tools to remove nerite snail eggs.
I haven’t tried to remove them from the substrate. But, while cleaning the tank yesterday I removed the ones from the glass and they came off relatively easy with the plastic scraper side of the glass scrubber. Maybe a little harder than the Corydora ‘deposits’ to remove but definitely didn’t require the razor blade to remove
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