New guppies and ottos

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Jan 16, 2009
Got my self some new guppies and ottos the other day and the ottos are doing a great job of getting rid of the algae.

Also got a new trio of guppies (1M:2F) which puts me up to 3F in total.
The male is a red tuxedo.

One of my females has a tail fin which sits at an angle, not rounded like normal but doesn't go straight down either. Anybody seen any like this before?
Thanks :), the male guppy is showing typical male livebearer behaviour so i expect to see young guppies in a few weeks time, haha
It may be a while, as i let the algae build up since i knew i was wanting ottos. going to maybe try them with a slice of cucumber tomorrow :)
I've seen guppies with that kind of tail before, I've had several myself. I have about 75 fry from one of them, I'm eager to find out if that trait is passed on to all fry, or if it is an abnormality.

Enjoy your new fish!
For anyone who was patiently awaiting pics of the ottos here they are. All 3 are still going strong :)


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