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Aug 30, 2017
Northern Wisconsin
Hi, I'm cejohns and I have had aquariums since 2009. Watching my fish is my relaxation, normally. I have never had such a problem as I do right now. I have been on a couple different forums, did everything they suggested and nothing is working to clear my tank. For about 2 months my tank has been super cloudy, I have tried different chemicals to try to clear it up, I have tried small water changes, larger water changes and nothing works. There is white stuff that floats in the tank and it coats everything with like a white slime. I keep my tank clean and vacuum it every couple days, nothing! I have never seen this slimy stuff before, very frustrating. I do water tests and everything to good, my fish are healthy and active, I just can't rid rid of the slime.:( Can anybody help me?
What are your parameters for the tests? What's the temperature of the water? What kind of fish are you keeping? What size is the tank?
Cejohns, since your tank water has been apparently clear for eight years, and you have tried, i'm assuming, numerous algae bloom remedy suggestions from members of other forums that failed, consider this. Contact your local water district office and inquire if any water pipe maintenance or construction is going on in your area. A similar incident happened to me. My tap water was slightly clouded with dirt for weeks due to water pipe construction. Your water company might even had started treating your water differently causing your problem.
The vast majority of cloudy aquarium water cases are from water chemistry imbalances which fuel algae blooms. The same thing happens to swimming pools, clear one day, a heavy rain occurs causing a ph crash, a virtual overnight algae bloom. In your case it might be something else like I noted. Good luck.
Was anything new added around the time the cloudiness started showing up? New decorations?
Sorry to hear of this problem, I have had it before too.

A couple things, do you change the filter pads?

Have you done nothing for around 21 days? How is the flow?
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