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Sep 20, 2004
Madison, Wisconsin
I have 2 clowns, a royal gramma and a banggai cardinal and I feed them a variety of foods - mysis, brine, formula one, bloodworms, etc.

Except for the clowns, though, they DON'T eat spirulina flakes, or mega-algae" - vegetable matter that's important for balancing their diet. How do i make them eat it? Some suggest that i give 'em flakes for a week, so they eventually eat it but will they actually do so?

Help, please!

Also, how many times a day do you feed them?
I don't think you can force them. You might want to try feeding the flake first at feeding time when they are the most hungry.
They may never accept it. If they are eating the other stuff, I wouldn't worry too much. :wink:
They will usually accept some Formula Two flakes when they are really hungry. Not much though.. and not always either.

They definitely prefer meaty food and will always take that over the greens if given a choice.

Hmm sounds familiar..
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