Prev gen mag 350

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Jul 8, 2009
W Burbs Chicago
Hello, I have stumbled across a used prev generation? (maybe) Magnum 350 canister filter.

When I inquired about price the guy asked me for a reasonable offer. I had no idea what a reasonable price would be.

i ask all of you. what should I offer this guy?

thank you,

I got an old 350 for $10 at a garage sale .....

It depends on what comes with it. If it is just the filter body, I wouldn't offer more than $10 ... It will cost you at least $50 to DIY all the rest of the plumbing to make it usable.

If it is in really good condition (check all the gaskets! those go for $20 if you have to replace all of them), with all the hoses & the quick connect sets (x2), intake & outflow, media basket & filter (+/- wet/dry & gravel vac attachment), then maybe $40 is a fair price. <Considering that it is $85 new at Big Al's.>

I personally find the Magnum 350 very finicky to use & prime, & it is not as versatile as the Filstars or the Fluvals, so I wouldn't pay too much for a used one.
J...., after posting this on several forums, you have given me the best advice overall, even some tips on what I need to look for.

You just came later than the other responses.

Thank you,

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