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May 16, 2002
Is there a specific fish or coral that you want to have profiled? If so then place the request here. Each month we will look at the requests and select one to profile for that given month.

Profiles will be written by Aquarium Advice Staff and will be placed in this forum when complete. Members can then comment on the profile once it has been placed.

So. What do you want to see profiled?
Well what I'd like to be profiled would be Copepods but I don't think that falls under either catagory.

SO... Maiden hair or Turtle Grass I found two names for this, the Turtle Grass one is what the LFS called it, but found it on the net named Maiden hair.

I'm new to the hobby so I'd like to see some information on clownfish
Being a newbie is there any where on here, I can learn how to feed my coral? :roll:
Lee said:
Being a newbie is there any where on here, I can learn how to feed my coral? :roll:
Lee, Corals really feed differently depending on what type. I suggest posting in the Getting Started or General Discussion. Also include the type of coral your looking for information on.
You guys are killing me....

I would like to see something on Xenia Propagation
8O i think it has died, i still cannot find it and i have very high ammonia and nitrite levels in my tank i have changed water 4 times since. i will change again today 50%
i bought some macro algae, caleupra but it died too the bad algae killed it. i am going to keep changing h20 until i get lower nitrite levels, ammonia was really low after h20 change tonight but nitrite was .2 it was very high before water change i am surprised my clarkii clowns were still alive. 8O
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