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How about a profile on that Green Mandarin. There needs to be some info on this fish because it is kinda sad to see how many starve because if you don't know better it is just a really cool, cheap, saltwater fish.
Live Rock. I would like to know the good and bad about different types of live rock.
medusa tree coral, specific care and water flow. lighting? 10k? 50/50? VHO mh?
Green Mandarine Dragonet
Spotted Mandarine Dragonet

I wanna buy one of these beautiful fish. They are rated as difficult to keep and I don't know why. A profile would really help.

Thanks in advance.
flowerpot corals? i can't find anything on it other than no one can keep it alive
cmor1701d said:
Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2003 4:55 am
OK, I know you Aussies are ahead of us time wise, but almost a month?

All the times listed as Posted times are calculateed based upon your timezone setting. I have no idea how it would be a full month ahead unless there was a burp someplace in the database when the post was made. So a post that says it was made at 10:31 like yours will say it was made at a different time if your timezone is set differently.
Actually after I posted the above I realized that the year was 2003. Since we are now in 2004 I can happly say the post quoted is just under 11 months old vs 1 month in the future.
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