Protien skimmer for nano

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Nov 6, 2013
Need help on deciding what is a good skimmer for a 29gal tank!? Reef tank with many mushrooms, Xenia, Kenya tree, and Zoas. I currently have an oceanic bio cube skimmer from my previous tank
I have a couple in sump eshopps and really like them. Cheap and they work just as well if not better than my octopus. :)

You can also consider a hydor slim skim, about $100 but a very good nano skimmer.
I've come to figure out there's no cheap good protein skimmer. You get what you pay for. I bought a eBay skimmer for $50 junkkkk!

But I guess if I wanna nice tank I need a good skimmer.
Coralife a good brand?
Honestly.... For a tank that size a refugium should suffice. I'm not running a skimmer on my 20g tank with 10g refugium and am successfully growing acropora and birdsnest.
Ya the aquaclear 110 has a large body for a fuge and takes just a couple modifications to make it work. Cpr makes one that would work a lot better, but they do cost more, the largest one holds about 5 gallons from what I understand. I am building a nano reef out of a 20H right now, but I'm having another 20 gallon fuge that will sit above it on the other Side of the wall in the closet, so instead of pumping to the tank from the fuge it will have the pump in the main tank. I also have enough room then to put almost any skimmer I want and everything other then power heads and a "overflow box". Leaves me more room for corals and less ugly pieces of equipment.
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