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Oct 13, 2009
What sort of pump do I need for a 12 gal sump, pumped into a 50 gal tank. What I'm looking for are names or maybe model numbers, even sizes of pumps(power, or whatever it's measured in). Also the best place to look for them.
i love my quietone pump. it is actually very quiet and works either as submersible or inline, which is nice if heat is something you worry about, although doesnt seem to effect temp much as submersible for me.
size depends on how high it has to pump the water and how much water your overflow can deliver. quietone 1200 may be worth a look.

lowes actually have a good selection, or mine does, in the pond section. from 75gph up to something stupid like 1200gph. you need to figure out the 'head', how high the pump needs to push the water, and how much your overflow can deliver. if you have a manufactured one, the manufacturer or the instructions should tell you. then need to check the pumps and see how many GPH it can do at that height. mine will do 570gph or something, proudly boasted on the box, but in reality, it only do that at 1 foot, progressivly less the higher you go.
a lot will have a graph on the box, or their website, showing you the GPH at 1 foot intervals. i believe the quietone 1200 has an adjustable output, so you can slow it down if it pumps too fast. just dont get a pump that pumps more than your overflow can do. overflow will only go as fast as your pump.
The pump size depends on the overflow. You need to match the flow of water from the tank to the sump so y9ou don't underrun (floodiing the floor) or overrun (emptying the sump, causimg the pump to run dry) your overflow.
Ya I'm building my own. Havin trouble gettin the flow even. How long do I have to wail before the PVC cement I used to fasen my pipe is safe for the water?
I have a cut off valve connected to the return on my tank it works great just makes sure your pump is quiet or that it isnt rubbing against something because sometime when i adjust the valve it makes a lot of noise if theres like something next to it
if you havnt dont it already, drill a small hole in your return pipe, just below the normal water level. maybe a 1/8th drill bit. that way, if power goes out, the hole will allow air in and break the syphon back through the pump. simple and never fails unlike check valves. (well long as hole doesnt get plugged up)
i only said below, purely for sound and so forth. above have the same effect, i just found with my hole above the water, there was that constant, splashing sound which bugged me.. but will work just the same..
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