Pumping Xenia

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Dec 22, 2003
Rosemount, MN
ok so i just got home from the lfs and i had asked them if they could order me some corals one of them was a pumping xenia. the guy said he could but they have not had vary good luck with them in the tanks. he showed me some that he had in a tank and they did not look good. he said i can take them if i want for no cost. so i said well ya i will take them (free if it dies it was no cost to me) now how do i get them to do well in this tank. they really did not look good when i got them. i need to know every thing about them. do they like a lot of flow or little? do they love light or more in the dark parts. or do they just do well in every part. also if any one could help me on how to get them to grow. thanks for your help.

also when i was there they had some way cool blue button polyps oh man they were nice. vary healthy and good coloring. there was about 30-50 of them on a rock for $69.99 i wish i would have gotten. but i am really looking for green ones not blue ones.
If they had it shipped in, that's probably the problem, as xenia doesn't ship very well. Give it plenty of flow and good water quality, with a ph over 8.0 and it will either recover or it wont. If it looks like it's melting...start gragging it, all you need is just a tiny bit and you'll be over run before you know it.
well you see that is just it there is not a really good part to frag. i was looking at it and there is not a really healthy part to it. but it is in the bottom of my tank and was added just after my lights turned off for the night so we will see how it is in the day.
well here is a up date. out of the 4 groups i got 2 of them are looking vary good. they are slowly reaching out more and more with there fingers. but have yet to "pump" they were a deep purple when i got them and when the shrinking up tight. the 2 clumps that are doing well are a light pink. i remove the other 2 because the heads with the fingers were falling off and they were not looking vary good at all. so may be they just might live in the tank.
my xenia multiplies like crabgrass. It is growing like crazy on my back glass. It always migrates to the top of the water line just under the metal halide lighting, this tells me it really likes the light as this is its own place of choosing. It also gets heavy current up there as well. Dont worry about when or if they start pulsing. That will come in time....or it wont. Some xenia is quite happy and never pulses.
well it loves the strong current and loves the light. i liked it becasue it was movieng yet still a corals. but i still like how it just kind of waves in the water. but it was free so it is all good.
well it is pumping very well now. in the past 3 day the trunk has grown abotu and in or so. so it is going great. i have found it needs hight light and high flow. if it gets that then it dose vary well. i have gotten it to split once and it working on its 2nd one now.
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