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Jul 28, 2006
Salt Lake City, UT
I know then benifit of using a QT tank, however, my question is how many fish can be contained in a 10G QT tank?

Can I have 4-5 fish in one tank for QT?

I am looking at:
Sleeper Goby (gold head)
2 ea Purple firefish
lawnmower blenny
Gold Stripe Maroon (tank bred)

These fish will go into a 75G tank with LR and inverts.
I would skip the lawnmower blenny. They really have a strict diet and when the algae is gone, they tend to starve.
I also wouldn't suggest adding that many fish to a tank. 5 fish might possibly overload your bioload and cause an ammonia spike.
To answer your question. That would be too many in a 10G even if they were all small. That clown should be added last and even then, I'm not sure the fire fish would make it past the clown.
If it were me, I would QT the firefish and goby. Order the clown a few months down the road, to give the less aggressive fish a chance to find plenty of hiding spots and then (maybe) add the clown.
What size tank do you have now?
Scott gave you the proper advice. You really should only be adding 1-2 fish at a time, spaced 3-4 weeks apart.

I lost a lanwmower blenny after he finished off my hair algae and ended up starving I I think (MFD).
You might want to rethink the gold head sleeper goby. They have a dismal survival rate even under the best of circumstances in a well established tank.
Thanks for the advice. I had both the lawnmower blenny and the goby in my tank in CA for over two years, I guess I was lucky.

To answer roka64 question; I have a 75G SW tank with a 40G sump/fuge, giving me a water column of 120G.
In my tank I have 150lb LR, 4-6" DSB. The tank has been set up for over six months and is currently mostly fallow. I only have inverts; crabs, snails, & shrimps in the tank which I feed only about once per week.

In the sump I have 15lb LR rubble, skimmer, and fuge. The Fuge has cheato, and calurpa, couple of snails and clams, and lots and lots of pods.

This will be the first movement to adding livestock to the tank and the list I suggested were remenant of what I had in the tank in CA. except for this time I was going to add the QT tank step.

Partly why I asked the question about multiple fish, is if I order from Liveaquaria, or Saltwaterfish.com; I am forced to purchase multiple fish to make the shipping free or at least worth it.

This raises a different question; how can someone who orders fish online, (and normally orders 3-5 different fish) adiquately QT those fish prior to introduction to the display tank?
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