Quarantining all Fish

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I know this is probably a stupid question, but i figured i ask it anyway.

Since i am in the process of setting up a QT tank, i realized that i don't want to have to set it up in the future if i can help it. Thus, since there are just two more fish that i want to add to complete my reef livestock list, i was wondering if i can add them while i have the other fish in QT?

It would be a Royal Gramma and a Flame Angel.
What size is your tang and what other fish do you already have? How large are they?
What size is your tang and what other fish do you already have? How large are they?

tang is almost 4"
two clowns 2" each
Watchman Goby 4"
purple firefish 2"

30 gallon QT tank. I'll be doing plenty of PWC's and lots of air.
Will be treating for Black Ich for at least 4 weeks.
You need to read my previous post (not trying to sound offensive). You do not treat black ich for 4 weeks. Black ich should be eliminated in about 3 treatments. A general guideline for qt period is 4 wks, though. You'd be better off purchasing another 20g imo.
The main tank needs to be fishless for at least four weeks, so the all the fish will need to stay in the QT four weeks minimun.
That is for ich, cryptocaryon irritans. You stated you have black ich, which is a turbellarian, flatworm. Apples and oranges so make sure you know what parasite you are dealing with ;) IF they do indeed have ich (do not refer to it as black ich then), yes a 4wk qt period is needed using hyposalinity.
It's definately black ich turbellarian. Only the yellow tang has gotten it and no other fish has gotten it in three weeks that the tang has gotten it.
So i will treat with formalin and QT all the fish for 4 weeks to keep the main fishless. I was just wondering if i could add two brand new fish to the QT with the rest of the fish.
Black ich can be treated with hypo salinity as well as treatment recommended in the previous posts. The problem with black ich is that it can live in the substrate of your DT for several months without a host and it's recommended to leave the DT void of fish for several months.
Well i quarantined all my fish yesterday. I gave them a 60 minutes formalin bath followed by a four minute freshwater dip.
I then placed them on the qt tank with fresh saltwater. I think i am keeping the tank at 1.025 because i'm pretty confident that i got rid of all the parasites on the fish. If i do notice another black spot once they are on the qt tank i will do another formalin bath followed by hyposalinity.

I was planning on having the main tank without fish for five weeks, but u r the second person that says that the parasite can live in the substrate for several months. i think that once the five weeks are up, i am going to throw in the tank by itself for another week. Since that's the one that is more prone to be the host. If she's fine after that week i think i should be okay with all the other fish going in.
Sounds like this stuff is really good. Too bad it doesn't work for Black Ich.
Yeah I know, I had the white variety. I bought a bottle from Drs. after I put the fish in the QT just in case, nobody around my way sells it. Good luck over there, keep us posted.
Good review on that product. As more and more people setup "Reef tanks", we will start to see more products like this. It's good to see the "it works" reviews and there will be other products and I am certain some "bad" reviews.
I have used "Kordon Aquaherbals...Ich.Attack" withh 100% good resullts too.
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