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Feb 21, 2008
I am needing a pump for a 120 gallon aquarium and I need it to be powerful enough so that I won't have to buy another one later but also keep in mind I'm not wanting to waste money either. lol. This is a tank that is not set up yet but I am wanting to put fish and reef in it. One lfs is suggesting I get one that pumps 1400-1500 gallons per hour and I don't know the price or brand but I'm sure it's ridiculous just like all his other equpiment prices; he is going to call me and let me know today..... and the other lfs suggests a GenX that pumps 1800-2000 gallons per hour and the cost is $120. Is this a good deal? This store usually has good prices but has other issues. lol. Do I need a better brand? Does it matter if it's internal or external? I think he may have said it's internal but I can't remember. How many gph do you suggest and what are your thoughts on this? Also, the lfs with high prices says the GenX only has 6000 which pumps 1600 and a 8500 that pumps 2250 and said the 8500 was probably what the other lfs store was talking about and his price is $199.00. He said this pump can be used as internal or external but he would use it internally because he would be afraid of it overheating ?? Any thoughts and suggestions on this would be GREAT.

2 internal overflows
30-40 gallon sump
probably going to do a fuge (macro algae and rock in sump)

Whoops ! I'm using my grandmother's computer and accidently did this on her account. She doesn't care so I hope this is ok. ha ha.
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48X24X25 - From the top of the tank to the bottom of the stand is almost 54 inches. I'm going to put macro algae and rock in the sump eventually.
I was told the next piece of equipment to buy after the tank would be the pump so I'm just assuming this is for the water that goes from the tank to the sump and back to the tank again. Here's 2 pics of the tank and the holes that are almost as big as a tennis ball. There is a plastic "box like thing" on both sides for the internal overflows each with two holes. ...just thought this info might be helpful.

I'm getting more and more confused by the minute. I just spoke to a lady at a lfs about 100 miles away and she said she didn't understand why everyone is trying to get me to get such a powerful pump that the 1600 gph would be more than sufficient. Some poeple say the bigger the better just go ahead and get one that pumps around 2000 gph. I just don't understand.
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