Red Sea Reefer xxl750 lighting

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Sep 5, 2003
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
I've been in the saltwater hobby for over 20 years, but always with FOWLR. However, I just purchased this beast, which will be delivered this week, and would like to dip my toes in the coral side of this hobby. I'd like to start off slow, but I want to be future prepared. I already have an AI Prime Fuge for cheato in my old set up, so I'd like to keep with AI because of the app and familiarity with how it works.
I apologize for the long setup, but my question is, should I go with the AI Hydra 64's or 32's? And how many of them to keep my fish and future corals happy?
Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
So it’s 72” x 24” x 24” right? Are you gonna want harder corals like sps down the line? I’d go 4 hydra 32s over the 64s. The 64s are mainly for deeper tanks like over 24” deep. 4 32s should give you good spread and penetration. You could probably do 3 to start actually especially for most beginner corals.
Thank you so much for your input in steering me in the right direction. Not sure how deep I want to get into the coral universe, but being properly prepared is better than not.
The lighting coming from these setups are more than capable to keep anything alive photosynthetically under them. I wouldn't be worried about it. Since you have experience, you'll be more than able to keep the water quality in the system pristine I'm sure. Coral won't be an issue once you get your feet wet.
Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

Trust me. You've already been doing this for 20 years. You know all of this stuff. If you kept a clean tank before, you can do it now. This hobby is very simple at the end of the day, pristine water in, maintain, monitor. The methods have just changed over time.

The one bit of advice I can give, LEDs penetrate water much better than bulbed units. 100% intensity is crazy to me. I think I have mine on at 65% max at the peak? Def research and read up on lighting schedules with LEDs and what people around the world suggest for these units. I know I stole my schedule from someone else.
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