For Sale: Several High End FW Planted Tank Equipment Items

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Nov 23, 2008
I am downsizing my equipment collection of planted tank items as I prepare to start up my first reef tank. I have several items for sale. I will list the retail price, make me an offer, and we will see what we can come up with. I will let most of it go for a very reasonable price. All equipment is used, but most is in like new condition.

ITEM 1: MA957 Milwaukee CO2 Regulator with dual needle valves and bubble counters (could be hooked up to multiple tanks). $89 at eSeasonGear FreeShipping! with a single needlevalve. EDIT: SOLD

ITEM 2: do!Aqua Glass inflow/outflow lily pipes. 10D lily outflow, 13D mini inflow. $46 and $52 respectively at (blue boxes in photo). I also have a second 13D inflow pipe available.
EDIT: SOLD except for 1 inflow [/U]

ITEM 3: Music Glass Mini 10D Ceramic/glass CO2 Diffuser. $36 at Music Glass ・Mini 10D [140-111] - $36.00 : Aqua Forest Aquarium, ADA USA, Aqua Design Amano EDIT: SOLD

ITEM 4: Eheim 2211 Canister filter. Fits the 10D and 13D glass pipes listed above. Comes with green and clear tubing for inflow and outflow, and comes with bio media. Quick disconnects as well. Very reliable and quiet canister. I run one on my other planted tank and love it. This is the perfect canister for a small planted tank. It is silent - you can't tell if it is even on unless you touch it. $69.99 at Eheim Classic External Canister Filter 2211 w/media [EH2211370] - $69.99 : Aqua Forest Aquarium, ADA USA, Aqua Design Amano

ITEM 5: 27W Archaea Clamp on Compact Florescent fixture. I have been running these fixtures for years and love them. The bulb in this one has less than 2 months of use on it. $60 at Archaea 27W power compact light fixture (clamp on type) [AIC-008] - $60.00 : Aqua Forest Aquarium, ADA USA, Aqua Design Amano

You can see all of these items in use in my photo albums, linked here:
Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community - fort384's Albums

Again, I listed the retail prices above. In now way do I expect to get retail for the items. I understand the market for used aquarium equipment ;) So make me an offer.

Will accept paypal as payment only.

Also available are 2 cube garden mini M ADA tanks (as pictured in my photo albums). Both have a tiny chip in 1 corner - and both need a dab of silicon over that chip to be brought back to working condition. The seams are so tiny on ADA tanks, that as I was moving them, I clanked them together and broke off a chip the size of a couple grains of sand, but that was enough. There are no other defects - literally can be fixed with $5.00 worth of silicon. I don't have the room for 'em. $15/ea, but local pickup only in Elgin Illinois (close to chicago). I might be willing to drive halfway somewhere in the Chicago area to unload 'em just 'cause it would be good to see the tanks get used again.

Attached is an AWESOME photo of all the equipment. If you want closeups or more detailed photos on anything, just ask.


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Forgot to add, I also have a set of DIY PPS PRO autodosers, made to the same specifications as in this thread:

I will let them go for $20 + shipping. If you need help getting them up and running, I will provide support for it. It takes some math to get your solutions mixed and figure out the dosing, but once you get over the initial math, it is a great way to automatically dose a planted tank. In order to make them function, you will need a digital timer capable of on/off in 1 minute intervals daily (as you want the dosers to kick on for 1 min per day).


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Light, pipes, and canister filter are still available. Will ship everything out tomorrow...
Nope, sorry, I just have one bubble counter and it is staying on the 12L :).

You can get a cool one on ebay for cheap...
Glad to hear it!

Only things left are 2 cube garden mini m's (I will ship them if you pay for insurance and packing, probably $30 each), and 1 lily pipe inflow.
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