Sick hippo?!

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Mar 19, 2011
I have one who seemed totally fine until one evening I found my coral banded all over him. Now he's hiding, right next to the same shrimp, and won't come out. The shrimp is leaving him alone now, but he's not eating just hiding. Any ideas?
I guess I should update. Water is perfect, just did a PWC. He just moved, still hiding but not by the shrimp anymore. It's really hard to see him but last time I saw him there were no signs of ick
They sometimes lay down. Dont know if that is the problem. What size tank is he in. They need a at least a 90 gallon tank IMO. A 6 ft tank would be better. They are ick magnets so you need to keep as much stress off as possible . Also remember that they are herbivores and need plenty of vegetable matter like dried seaweed.
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