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May 16, 2002
Upload images, use BBcode buttons to format your signature as well as enable your own signature, show other signatures and disable or enable the displaying of signature images.

Here is how it all works.

The first thing you will see when editing your profile's signature is a box to upload an image. Before if you wanted a small image in your profile you had to have it hosted on the internet somewhere and using bbcode link it in your signature. This caused problems with people using images that where to large or sites being down and causing the messages to load slowly as the browser tried to display the image.

Now you can upload an appropriately sized image to the server. There is a file size limit of 15KB and a image size limit of 350px wide and 125px tall. Anything larger than that will kick out an error.

In addition to having a sig image you can now easily format your signature text with bbcode using the bbcode buttons just like you can when your posting a message. Remember your limited to 12 lines in your signature. We have a little programming that checks for this so watch out for that error if you try a sig thats to long.

The first of the three options allow you to always attach your signature to your posts. You have the option of always attaching it or you can elect to attaching it or not attaching it when you make a post.

The last two options allow you to specify if you want to see other peoples signature text and if you want to see their signature images. You can always pick to see one or the other or both. These options are global so you can ot pick whos signature you see and whos you don't.
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