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Feb 12, 2006
i am new in his and i would like to build my own aquarium, i knew that i have to use a special Silicone...

I search the market for silicon which is safe to aquariums but I could not find a brand say that…
I found a brand says 100% silicone sealant, acetic moisture curing suitable for general construction sealing applications. It is resistant to moisture. It has excellent resistance to ageing, shrinkage, cracking and discolouring. It does not contain solvent.

Is this safe for aquarium….
GE Silicone Type I Doors & Windows
Check the printing on the tube. It will say what it is NOT safe for and it does not list aqauriums like the other Type I or like Type II....which both say not safe for aquariums.
GE Silicone Type I Doors & Windows

In general you are looking for 100% silicone with no algaecides in it. This one fits the bill.

When you are looking for some, the key is

must say 100% silicone
must NOT say "anything resistant"..

GE Silicone type 2 has algaecides and UV protection, so it is NOT suitable.

And save a couple bucks, you can get Type 1 (make sure NOT to get kitchen and bath) from home depot for way less then what Allglass stuff sells for, and it's the exact same thing (for 3$ less a tube).

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If you are in Canada, you can go to Rona or Canadian Tires & get store brand 100% silicone that says "ideal for aquariums" on the tube. this stuff is about 1/10 the cost of pet-store silicones.

In the US, due to a non-competitive clause (or so I hear), the silicone is NOT labeled as aquarium safe. So you have to look for type I pure silicone with no additive and which does not say "not safe for aquariums". For simplicity, stick with the GE as stated above - that one is know to be safe.
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