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Mar 20, 2006
First, Sorry for the long entry.

I am putting together a stock list for a 125 FOWLR. I have been saving for some time to get a larger tank and I am about two weeks away. The tank will be an all glass reef ready with dual built in overflows, a megaflow Model 4 sump with a Red Sea Berlin Protein Skimmer, and about 80 lbs of live rock as the filiation. I know all about cycling and so on and I am in no hurry, (and will be adding one to two fish a month). but I wanted to run my stock list by you guys to make sure everything is compatible and will be happy in their home. I have been asking various questions on this forum and this is my proposed list.

Zebra Moray
Blue Hippo Tang
Purple Tang
Flame Angel
A pair of Ocellaris Clowns
Flame Hawkfish
A pair of Gold Headed sleeper gobies (if I can find a pair)
Tuxedo Urchin
Orange Sea Star

I Think I am Pushing my bio load pretty hard. Let me know what you think. Or if you identify any compatability issues. Sorry again for the long entry, I just really respect everyones input and help. PLEASE all the advice I can get, I want my fish to be happy as can be.
I would increase to LR to around 200 lbs and drop the moray. It will have to gobies for a snack. It is also really hard on your bioload.
Is there any kind of eel I could keep? I would really like to have an eel and they seem the most docile. I could drop the gobies if needed. also I thought Zebra's won't eat fish. They don't even have the right teeth. I was planning on increasing the live rock not quite to 200 lbs though.
You are right. No danger to fish. I was thinking of reg moray. They still get up to 5' and a 125 is pushing it.
They do get really large, but I have been researching these guys for some time and it seems in the aquarium they rarely get over 3'6", still a large specimen. I trust the expertise on this forum and if it is strongly advised not to get the eel I will listen but I would love to make it work. Thanks!
Any other input from anyone would be appreciated. Please.
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