Stocking a 90 g

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Oct 15, 2011
OK, First off does anyone else think we need a section for stocking questions? seems to be a hot topic with alot of people asking for opinions..but I digress..

I am planning the stock on my 90 G for when my fishless cycle is complete, I want to have 2 pairs of dwarf gourami, (12) glowlight tetras, (8) Peppered corrys, (12) congo tetras (if I can find them) or (12) cardinal tetras. My question is can I safely (within reason) add a male Betta without causing havoc? Still in the planning stage (nothing hanging around in bags :)) so open to opinions....THANK YOU!

PS my aquascape is 60% planted with 2 caves and a large Mangrove root.
I have an Aquaclear 110 and a Aqueon 55/75 HOB filter setup
I agree TOTALLY one of the section should be "stocking".

Congos get pretty big so 12 might be a few too many. Maybe 8.

I was never able to sucessfully have more then one dwarf gourami, one would always just hide until it died. Also I had 12 mixed gourami in a 29g a few years back and added a betta (not sure male/female) but it only lasted about 12 hours. It just went after other fish the whole time.

Maybe if you find a really calm one?
I can't comment on the Betta, but from my experience, having two of any Gourami can be hit or miss. A 60% planted tank is just asking for Cardinal Tetras ... especially if you add a black background and dark substrate just adds that extra pop in the Cardinal Tetras colors.

I'm not as familiar with the congo tetra, but you could also consider colombian tetras, figure 8 - 10 shouldn't make the tank look too full. Finally I've taken a liking to rummy nose tetras, they stay around 2 inches or less and their colors compliment the Cardinals ... IMO.
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