Sump's wall cracked!

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Nov 15, 2004
This morning I was working on my external overflow and the aqualifter pump fell off the aquarium's rim and smacked into my sump. It cracked the sump wall. It's the sump wall right where water flows into the sump. The crack didn't extend to either edge and it doesn't appear that it caused the sump's integrity or ability to hold water to be compromised. I studied the crack and it appears to me that all it causes is a little bit of water to seep through it and into the sump's main chamber where the protein skimmer is at. Luckily there is an indentation in that wall where water flows down from the external overflow and into the first chamber.

Do you guys think the sump will be alright to continue using? I watched its operation for about 10 minutes before leaving for work to make sure that nothing was damaged or the way the system works holding water levels from chamber to chamber was not compromised. Also is it common for acrylic to crack and break under such a small amount of stress? The aqualifter pump is light and fell maybe 3 feet onto the sump. I am wondering if those sump walls are not constructed out of standard plastic not true acrylic.
My guess is that it'll be OK since there is no real water pressure in that area. Plus if the water seeps into another area with water already in it, then it shuld be OK I'm thinking.
Thinking more, I'm feeling you should repair or replace that sump wall. Seeping water is never good IMO to stay around. How many gallons are in that area anyway?
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