Took some magnifying ghetto style pictues. It worked!

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pretty cool dustin, cant wait to trade with ya sometime.....
by ghetto style, do you mean you using a magnifiying glass to get macro shots with a webcam or somethin?

glad to hear it worked for you

looks like you have a little spherical distorion in the outer areas of your pics ... might be from the magnifiying glass, but more than likely it's from a "ghetto" camera lense ;)
The discoloration is from the mag. glass, my camera stinks too.

Aaron, I meant when I was posting them, I could not tell I had, hence why there is two sun polyps even though they are the same.
Love the sun polyps, would love to get some but I'm afraid they'd die on me :(

Great looking corals!
The sun polyps and red shroom are about to get a new home. In there place, a ricordea and some zoos.

This does not belong here, but this is what I am wanting in exchange for what I am giving him. Spencer, tell me if there is any problems with this.
Cool, I really want to swap with Timbo, and since you meet him sometimes, maybe he could give you one of those purple rics and then me and you swap. Ok, so maybe he wants to keep his awesome shrooms, but hey. I would love to trade some stuff with you Kevin, just I dont want any xenia to have to cut back all the time.
Ok, took some much better pictures of the red mushroom so everyone can see how cool this thing is when it is all out.
In about 20 minutes if I can get the camera to shoot with these aikin batts. I love the red mushroom, but I got it free and the guy I am trading with really wants it. I feel giving him the mushroom is the least I can do for what all he is doing for me. I also want this to be a ricordia dominated tank.
Cool! I would love to get a blue ricordia, I can't wait until we get good lighting for our 40 the corals I want to put in there are going to be very colorful and hopefully will look cool with the black sand :D
Ok, I need to let the batteries recharge, so I may not get a full tank shot until tom morning, I will try and get one before the shroom and sun polyps move out.
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