UV sterilizer?

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Feb 28, 2007
I have a 125g reef tank with 40g sump. the sump has three compartiments. The skimmer is in the first, the return pump is in the second and a Regugium is in the third section. The return is teed off to allow some flow into the Fuge with then overflows into the return area. My questions are:

- Where would I place a UV sterilizer in this setup?
- How do UV's connect into the system?
- Do they require any other equipment such as a cannister or anything like that?

- Lastly, what size unit would I need for my tank?

When I was thinking about putting a UV on my tank this is what I looked at. From what I have read they seem to do a very good job. I decieded after more reading about UV that I didn't want one. Some people use them with great success and others like myself do not and have equal success. All you need is a small pump that moves about 100-150GPH to hook it up to your tank.

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