What’s going on with my sand

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Dec 1, 2016
Hello had the tank running for about two months now. Just notice today my sand is turning a different color in some spots. What is it and how do i fix it?IMG_1519793216.348675.jpg
Looks like algae ?
Stir up the surface of your sand.
My conchs plow through the sand keeping it pretty freshly turned..
I have two 3000 l/h in the tank plus the movement from the returns. It’s a 125 gallon. How much more flow do i need or do i need to just move the powerheads?
It could be either of those. That is what makes flow tricky. If you aren't in front of the tank actively discussing it...you can't pin point which it could be without moving the powerheads around first.
So i have two 5000l/h powerheads and when there in the tank they seem to kick up all the small stuff in the tank. Like extra fine sand. Is this okay should i let it work itself out or is this to much power?
That depends. Having some kicked up is just the flow establishing where the sand will lay.
But if it’s a sandstorm, you should re adjust their positioning.
Yeah it’s not a sandstorm but a lot of little stuff is getting blown around.
Cyano is pretty common in a new tank. Looks like you have good circulation so keep up with frequent water changes to keep the nutrient levels low and it should eventually die off.
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