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Feb 22, 2009
i have a 55 gallon tank 4 angels 6 tiger barbs planin to make it a planted tank what filter would you guys suggest??
What are you using now?
Be carefull with tiger barbs around those angels.
They can be fin nippers. I had to move some green tiger barbs I have when they started taking chunks out of the tails of my dwarf gouramis.
I like the Marineland Emperor 400 if you are looking for a HOB filter.
Thanks Tntfish, this is a question I was going to ask as well. XP3 and Aquaclear... are these power filters or cannister filters? Is one filter enough for a 55 planted or is it safer to have two?

Speaking of equipment, I read in a guide book (that has proven rather suspect) that it is better to have two heaters going at once in a tank so that one doesnt have to work so hard it kills itself.
i would suggest using two filters like two aquaclear 50 or one aquaclear 50 and a aquaclear 70 that is more than enoug hfor a 55 gallon aquaium
I'd go with a canister filter for a 55 gal. Right now I'm running a Cascade 1000 on my 55 gal. Or as Neilahn mentioned, an XP3.
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