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Jan 8, 2013
Red Deer
Hello! I've never been a part of an aquarium forum so this is my first time and I'm pretty exited to meet and talk to all these awesome seeming people. I'm a new fish enthusiast so I could probably use all the help I can get, haha.

I've written a lot on my profile about my fish, but I'll sum it up here!
I have three tanks. One is an empty Fluval Edge, 6 gal. I have some plants, and once I get it completely planted I am planning to get a little dwarf puffer with 1-3 oto catfish. I have a small beta tank for my LOVELY boy, Cd. I've had him for over a year, he's got to be one of my best fishies. Finally I have my actual functioning tank, a 1.5 gal stalked with 9 live plants, 6 ghost shrimp and 4 gups, 2 adults and 2 frys. I plan to surrender the guppies, however; they were used to cycle the tank and I would like to add more shrimp because they are so cute! (prob either more ghosties or some reds or blues. Whatever my pet store has!)

I've only had fish once before, when I was really young, so this can be considered the first time I've had my own fish. I live in college campus so small tanks are the only think I can own.

Now let see some pictures, will we?
(The Edge has a lot of plastic plants right now. They'll be switched out slowly as I get a hold of more live plants)


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You think? Ahaha, I'm pretty unconfident about it. I don't wana kill any fish.

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