Where do you guys buy your plants? Best places online to buy live aquatic plants?

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Oct 25, 2012
South Carolina (USA)
I am wanting to add a small amount more of plants to my planted 60g and I found only one place so far that has all the plants I'm looking for in stocks but they are a little pricey. So what places do you guys suggest I get my plants from? I can't go to my lfs because these are plants that they would not carry... Where do you all buy yours? I bought mine from aquariumplants.com but they are out f stock on the ones I want and extra plant is to expensive plus they don't have the kind I want and the only place I found with all of them is AZ Gardens. They too are expensive so what other online sources are good quality aquatic plant retailers? Thanks!
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Winter can often be a bad time to try to buy plants. Even with overnight shipping they often times don't do well in the cold. Plus I think during the winter the nurseries are working on building stock back up again. My suggestion would be to wait again until spring. Or you can post an ad on AA's classifieds.
I am fortunate in that I have a rather small tank, a 30 gallon so I do not have to buy new supplies or plants at the moment. Even when I do need to get somethings, I usually buy from my local pet store. As I am not from the US, I do not buy any stuff for my aquarium from online stores, it will be too expensive to ship them to me. :)
They are in Alabama so it would be fast shipping to you.

Ships straight from Florida Aquatic Nursuries.

Mostly I just have my LFS order me what I want. Sure I pay a bit more but don't have to pay shipping so it works out for everyone.

One of the best places is right here on the AA Classifieds forum.

When i last stocked up on plants, i knew exactly which one I wanted. I tried going to the usual vast pet-store chain and they could only order in half of the plants I wanted, then I went by the local professional LFS and he could order them all in(except for 1 plant where he tried from 2 suppliers), and they turned out to be cheaper than he origially said they would be.
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