which koralia for a 60 gallon reef tank?

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Yea but its all spread out . That is what you want you dont want just one stream. I have a barrel affect that is in the middle interupted by the maxi jet which is on a wavemaker. This creates a reef like motion to the water. I still am trying to perfect it but that is the beauty of it with multiple PHs. You can aim them any which way you want. Plus you want as much flow going through your live rock as you can get this way there wont be any dead spots and this is also your means of biological filtration. I dont use a filter only a skimmer in my sump.
Just dont point PHs directly at any corals and pointing them at the sand will move your sand around so you need to find the right balance. Also some surface agitation is a good thing as well. This will provide oxygen to the habitants. You could do two K2s in each corner one facing down more than the other and the other being pointed towards the surface more. This would give you surface agitation and the barrel effect in the middle.
Yea I would. I would mess with them until you get what you want. Ideal situation would be a barrel effect in the middle of the tank. Just a slight up and a slight down dont want water shooting out of the tank or a sand storm.
Its the spinning motion you will see created by your PHs in the middle of the tank its just a good flow diagram I suppose. Its a good start. This way lower flow corals can be housed in the lesser flow area on the sides and the higher flow can be housed in the middle. Upper middle for higher light and higher flow. Lower middle for lesser light higher flow and so on.
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