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Jan 12, 2006
I was wondering what rock i should use for baserock???? How much of the rock should be dry and how much live????
I would buy base rock from your lfs if they have any. You can also try http://www.hirocks.com/. I'm not sure if this is the case with all base rock, but the stuff my lfs has is real heavy and dense. A piece of lr that weighs 5 lbs is about the same size as a 2 lbs piece of baserock.
If you are just starting out (not cycled yet) you can use uncured LR for your cycle. I would suggest less dense rock, as would most others here. But real,y it is a matter of your taste and liking as to what kind you use.
i know i should have around 80 lbs total in my tank
how much should be baserock and how much LR?
The more lr the better but all of it will be “live” within a year or two and the base rock will still be biologically the same as lr within a month or two (for filtration purposes).

I have 60 lbs base from hirocks and 30 lbs live in my 55 gal. It’s not the prettiest setup but it’s looking better as the months go by. I’d go 50\50 or even 40% base and 60% lr depending on your budget.
alright i was lookin at 50 50 but 40 50 would be cheaper i just dont know if i should order the LR online or get it from the LFS.
I’d get it from your lfs if it looks decent since it’s also usually “cured” or needs very little time for die off. Usually it costs $8+ per lb but when you factor in the shipping costs of getting it online it’s usually worth it. Plus you know exactly what you are buying versus the rock not looking exactly as it did online which is usually a “fresh” photo of it just out of the water :roll:
IVe been thinking. (ut ohhh lol) is it possible for me to get like 25 lbs of live rock to start out with and just keep adding more n more till i reach my 80lb goal??? will this work if im only planning on starting out with 2 clowns
25 lbs of lr to start would be fine with only two clowns in the 65 gal. It should give you enough bio-filtration until you can add more. You don’t have to do all live rock. You could do 50\50 of base rock & lr. The base rock will become biological within a couple of months and will look like the lr within a year or two. www.hirocks.com has very good prices on base rock.
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