xenia not pumping

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Jan 9, 2004
why has my pumping xenia stopped "pumping"? its been goin on for about a month.
what dose your water test at. are you feeding it? dose it still look good. mine dont always pump they will pump for a long time and then stop for a few days/weeks and then start up again. is it in a high flow? mine love the high flow but it is not always right on them becasue i have a SWCD some when it is on the other side of the tank they pump like mad and then when the water is hitting them really hard the just kind of fly around. hope this helps.
well water tests r fine aside from phosphates which are aill high but on thier way down. they do look really healthy but they r just nnot pumpming. as for flow, there not indirect flow but thy do get current.
i got mine from the lfs for free becasue they were almost dead. they just could not keep any xenia a live in there tanks. they tryed every thing to make them grow. but nay way they gave it to me becasue i was asking them to order it for me. but he said there has to be a chemincal in the water for them to do really well. he did not know what it was and i dont think any one dose, but some tanks have it some donot. minemust becasue i brought them back from the dead. you you might want ot do a large water change or some thing and see if that replaces the chemical they need. just a thought
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