XP1 Bubbler?

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Jul 15, 2006
Occasionally my XP1 bubbles is this normal?

The canister makes a grumbling noise and a few seconds later a mass of bubbles pop out of the outlet. Is this normal?
it happens to mine too when I just put it in everytime after cleaning it... its probably just getting rid of the air you have in it.. it should be good in a few days or so, how long has yours been doing that?
Less than a week it looks like it has stopped now...

After I clean my canister and put it back together, there are air bubbles in it too. I rock the canister gently back and forth to help the air bubbles find their way out. It usually takes less than an hour for the air bubbles to escape and the canister is silent again.
If the problem with your xP1 persists you might want to look at the intake or check for leaks. Mine has some bubbles after cleaning but those go away pretty quickly.
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