Zach's 20 gal long build

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not yet, what websites other than LA do you reccomend for buying corals?
I think it works - very random, and it gives a ton of options for placing corals!
tomorow i plan to go to petco to pick up some hermits, snails, a serpeant star and maybee even a shrimp or 2!! with hermits would you reccomend keeping extra shells in the tank?
Yes, I would certainly recommend extra shells so the crabs don't kill each other/fight over the shells. :)
Oh okay... I guess the warrenty is a plus for sure, any other stores? Petco has a small selection
they next store is 45 mins away and im not getting a ride to go that far, what is so bad about petco, i am tight w/ the store manager and the fish manager so they order me any fish if i ask
go the 45 mins to the other local store. iv been all around for fish. where u at?
my tank int rimless, but there are some small cut outs, should i do pwcs with normal sww
Y would u turn ur tank up that high? All ur gonna do is burn out heaters and that alone will not kill diseases. It will just cause temp spike stresses to ur fish and corals.
It ain't gonna help alone. If u have no fish and no inverts then do a hypo. What exactly u trying to accomplish with this?
If ur just trying to get rid off ich and have no fish then just let it sit for 6 weeks and with the ich having no host to attach to it will all die
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